Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Price, your app, and what works

Setting price for your app is a very individual thing. You need to think about a number of different variables such as:
  • how much time and effort you've sunk into the app
  • if there are other comparable apps on the store then what their price is set at
  • realistically what you either want or need to make from the app

It isn't easy and getting it right can be hard. Getting it wrong is easy and you'll know pretty quickly if you do. 

Of course if you do get it wrong, and that happens a reasonable amount of time, you can fix it. Changing your price is easy enough to do, but be careful about changing too often. This kind of pricing behaviour can lead to prospective users becoming confused and also can put them off from buying at all. 

Having regular sales is fine too. Don't be afraid to put your app on sale, but have a reason for being on sale and don't just do it randomly. I'll deal with sales in a separate post as it deserves its own focus. 

So, setting price doesn't have to be a nightmare at all. Just take some time to consider the variables the users and also as objectively as possible, what would you be willing to pay for your app?

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