Thursday, 9 April 2015

Marketing your app using Instagram

You may be wondering why or even if instagram is a good place to promote your app or apps, but if you decide to set up on Instagram you'll find that you'll be in good company. 

There are lots of ways to use Instagram to promote your app ...

So for one you can use Instagram photos to show off your screens so that users can get a view of how things work in your app. Instagram video is a great way to show short bursts of functionality too. Demonstrating to user how to get things done with your app. This can be especially useful in showing more complex functions or abilities of your app. 

Of course using Instagram can also help you to build community as well. That's one area that really  shouldn't be overlooked at all. You can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Instagram account, and that's worth doing to help with your social media overall. But you need to start off by following other users of course. You'll find plenty of people worth following, from app developers and bloggers and users.

It's worth taking a little while to check out what other users are posting and getting a good handle on the community of music app users on Instagram. Instagram can be a useful tool for promoting and showing your app.

It shouldn't be overlooked and using it isn't difficult at all.

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