Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Your YouTube channel and you

Video is one of the best ways to get out information about your app. It's simple and effective and most importantly it's easy for sites and blogs to pick up on your video and post it. 

So having an effective video channel is important. It gives you a place to house all your videos and let users find them easily. It also lets you keep user generated video in a playlist too. 

Making your channel easy to navigate is straightforward too. Consider having different playlists for tutorials, new features etc. That way your users and your prospective users can easily find what they need. 

So how often should you post new videos? That's really up to you. But consider first how often you as a user would like to know about new features. Also think about spacing out tutorials and demos so that there's a steady stream of material. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Using SoundCloud as a promotional tool

Having a SoundCloud group for your app is definitely a worthwhile idea. I suppose the only time it wouldn't be a good idea is if your app is an fx app and so produces no actual output of its own. But if your app is a synth (preferably with a sequencer and or recorder ) then having a Soundcloud group makes a lot of sense. It's a nice simple way to get users to submit tracks made with your app and allows you to show off what can be done with the app. 

Starting off with your group isn't hard at all. Just get yourself a free soundcloud account if you don't already have one and then create a group. Start out by putting in some of your own example tracks or sounds. 

Make sure you connect your soundcloud account to your Twitter and facebook accounts. 

From there it's not going to be difficult to get users to put their tracks into your group but you should also keep an eye out for people using a tag of your app's name to encourage them to place it into your group. 

Keeping on top of your group isn't hard work. It shouldn't take you long to stay on top of who's making tracks with your app. Track the appropriate tag(s) and it can take just a few minutes a day. 

So soundcloud can be another very useful tool for marketing your app and needn't take a lot of time to keep running. Try it out. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Make good use your promo codes

As I'm sure are aware, you get a bunch of promo codes for your app(s), but what are you going to do with them? Of course there's no reason that you have to do anything with them at all but if you do decide to here's a little list of suggestions:
  1. Give one or two to each of the major sites and blogs for review. 
  2. Run a promo code giveaway contest or get someone to do it for you, like one of the blogs. 
  3. Don't download all your codes in one go though as they'll all expire at the same time. 
  4. If you have existing users of a previous app of yours consider giving a few codes to super users as a way of saying thank you for their support. 
I'm sure you can think of other ways to use them on top of these but they're just a few suggestions to get you started. 

You don't have to use your codes for anything but they're a useful tool for marketing if you want to make use of them.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Using vine for promoting your app

You might wonder what you can actually achieve in 6 seconds on vine but actually there's a lot. Vine can easily serve you in a variety of ways. Such as:
  • being a simple channel for hinting at new features
  • showing users how to do things and get things done in your app
  • showcasing new sounds / presets / banks etc
  • quickly explaining a feature
  • showing another app that you find useful too

There's lots of other ways too and it's worth seeing what other fellow developers are doing on vine to see how they use it and what sort of results they get. As with lots of other social tools vine links to your other accounts if that's what you want to do and it's well worth considering. 

Give it a try. You'll be in good company.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What content do you put on Twitter?

So you're set up on Twitter. Your account is all raring to go. What do you tweet about?

Good question. Well the answer is relatively straightforward as it goes. What a lot of users will want to see is stuff like this:
  • screenshots of new features
  • tweets asking them for their views on what should come next
  • price drops if you put your app on sale or even make it free
  • user videos featuring or including your app
  • bug alerts and what you're doing about them
  • details of any new apps you're making or planning, but of course, not too early

So that's not an exhaustive list by any means but it's a start. It's also worth mentioning other apps and what they're doing. Especially if they are being used with yours. And take a look at what other developers are tweeting about and see if it helps. It probably will.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Marketing your app using Instagram

You may be wondering why or even if instagram is a good place to promote your app or apps, but if you decide to set up on Instagram you'll find that you'll be in good company. 

There are lots of ways to use Instagram to promote your app ...

So for one you can use Instagram photos to show off your screens so that users can get a view of how things work in your app. Instagram video is a great way to show short bursts of functionality too. Demonstrating to user how to get things done with your app. This can be especially useful in showing more complex functions or abilities of your app. 

Of course using Instagram can also help you to build community as well. That's one area that really  shouldn't be overlooked at all. You can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Instagram account, and that's worth doing to help with your social media overall. But you need to start off by following other users of course. You'll find plenty of people worth following, from app developers and bloggers and users.

It's worth taking a little while to check out what other users are posting and getting a good handle on the community of music app users on Instagram. Instagram can be a useful tool for promoting and showing your app.

It shouldn't be overlooked and using it isn't difficult at all.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Using Twitter for your mobile music apps

If you're looking for the primary social media network for mobile music apps then you should know that Twitter is it. It is by far the most used network by both developers, bloggers and, most importantly, users. 

Using Twitter is easy. Really easy. 

So, start by opening an account. You'll need to decide if you want an account for just you or if you want it to be a Twitter account for your app. This is a bit more important when you're starting out as it'll help other Twitter users to work out if you're going to be only tweeting about your app and mobile music stuff or if this is a personal account from which you also tweet about your app. It's a subtle difference I know, but it does make a difference. Some users will prefer to follow an account that's just about the app.

Who to follow?

Well initially that's easy. There's plenty of good blogs with accompanying Twitter accounts and those are the best place to start. Also starting with those accounts means that you'll start to get retweets and that'll get your account noticed and get you more followers, and followers who are interested in apps like yours. 

So it isn't rocket science at all. It isn't difficult to get started. In fact, that's the easy part. Keeping going is more difficult. But that's a subject for another post. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Which social media platform to choose?

It isn't a massive choice really when you think about it but the important thing is to maintain consistency in what you do. 

If you decide that Twitter is your primary social channel then stick with that channel and don't suddenly start posting all your news to facebook. If your going to mainly be on Facebook then stick with it. Both is fine too of course, it's just important to have consistency so users and potential users know where to look to find out what's going on.

Users like a consistency of channel for very obvious reasons. There's nothing wrong with operating multiple channels but ensure that what you do remains consistent across those channels. 

Cross posting is fine too. If you putting up pictures and video to Instagram then tweet the links. That's easy enough to do. So long as you're not posting huge numbers of updates on every platform you won't inundate your users, and if you do they'll tell you. 

The most important thing is to keep up the pace and be comfortable with what you're doing. If you find that you can't manage to maintain a regular stream of posts then scale back a little to a pace that you are comfortable with. It shouldn't be a chore for you. 

In the next few posts we'll look at a variety of platforms to give you a quick overview of what to expect and what you might be able to use.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mobile music app marketing is back

After a long time Mobile Music app marketing is back. You may ask why? It's a good question.

Well, the app market for mobile music seems very healthy at the moment and there are plenty of apps around doing some really interesting things. One thing that's missing though is good marketing. Not all the time of course, and, there's a reason. Great developers aren't necessarily great marketers. Why should they be? So that's why I thought I'd start up mobile music app marketing again. To try and help people with some ideas on how to promote their apps and get their good work shown to a wider audience.

So you'll find a post or maybe two per week about topics relating to how to make your app marketing work for you. It could help, it could be something you already know about. Overall I hope you'll find it useful and maybe beneficial.

If you do, please let me know.