Monday, 11 October 2010

Tipping point

Marketers often talk about a tipping point for a product or a campaign. This is where the product or service gains such a foothold in the target market that users or consumers start to become an active part of the campaign and it can go viral.

Getting to a tipping point is no easy task. You'll be able to find lots and lots of sites that will give you advice on how to get your campaign to go viral, but even if you follow all the advice you can eat it won't guarantee success.

You can have the best video campaign on YouTube, the best product and still it won't necessarily get you noticed.

One way to build recognition is to offer something for your users to publicise your product. This could be an additional sample pack in return for tweeting the product details or something similar.

If you're thinking of doing something like that then you might want to try out Pay with a tweet. Using that or something like it could get your users to generate publicity for you.

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