Monday, 25 October 2010

Inside the box

Having worked in marketing for years I was almost always annoyed when people talked about 'thinking outside the box'. A great deal of the time I didn't know what the box was or where it was, or why it was we needed to be outside of it.

It demonstrated to me that often there is a misconception that doing something different is the key to success for a project or product and that's not always true. Thinking outside the box is almost always synonymous with innovation, and yet in my experience things seldom work that simply.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that being innovative is wrong in any way, but being innovative isn't the same as thinking outside the box.

A lot of the time what we really mean by thinking outside the box is to attempt to solve a problem creatively, and what better people to be creative than creative coders making creative applications, for creative musicians (I apologise for the overuse of the word 'creative').

In many cases using standard marketing tools and methods is the most appropriate and the most effective way to promote and market any service or product. After all, taking this approach is often what consumers understand and can relate to. Being too innovative can have the result of alienating potential customers or leaving them feeling that they whatever the product or service is, it isn't aimed at them.

So don't overlook traditional channels, price promotions, advertising, etc when thinking about how to market your app. Not everyone is on twitter and facebook although at times it can feel that way.

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  1. Ashley brings up very, very important points. Some new businesses need to look first at the digital world as they may not have resources for traditional marketing. Good Luck


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