Wednesday, 27 October 2010

How do you use your promo codes

What do you use them for and how do you make best promotional use of them? I've heard from developers who have sent promo codes to multiple review sites and never heard from the reviewers at all. I'm sure there a lots of stories of promo codes not being used and being wasted sadly.

So here are some ideas for what to do with your codes that could help you get some promotion out of your codes.
  1. Give codes to reviewers / sites where they'll be actually used (PalmSounds of course, but others too, such as CDM, Matrixsynth, Synthtopia).
  2. Give codes away for reviews. You can do this via twitter or your blog etc, but make sure when you offer the code
  3. Run promo code competitions, through a blog (like PalmSounds), or anyone else for that matter.
  4. Offer codes to loyal customers who have bought a different product already
Codes can be a really effective tool for marketing your app and should be used carefully. Every code given away should get you some kind of publicity. A review on the app store, on a site somewhere and extend your marketing reach.

If you've come across an innovative use of promo codes please share it.

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