Monday, 18 October 2010

At the end of the product lifecycle

There's plenty of apps out there which haven't been updated for a long time. Users often call them abandonware, which may be true in some cases. But if you've got an app in the store that you don't plan to do much with anymore because you're working on something else, or for whatever reason, it doesn't mean that it can't generate interest for you. Here are a few ideas you could consider.
  1. Make the app free for a period of time to generate some interest and get picked up by the sites who post on apps that change to free like freeappalert.
  2. Reduce the price for a while or for good
  3. If you make your app free consider adding some advertising to it so you get something back for it.
Whatever you do make sure you let people know what you're doing. Tell people that the apps is free on twitter, in your blog, on facebook etc and use that to promote your new app, or whatever else you're doing to get some publicity from it.

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