Monday, 27 September 2010

Out of the Blue or Run Up?

I was thinking about a couple of app launches recently that each took very different approaches to releasing a product.

Xenon released their app with no run up and made a great splash with it. SoundPrism did the opposite and released lots of information about their app in the run up to it being released on the app store.

Which is better? The simple truth is that there's no answer to that question. There's pluses and minuses to both approaches.

Out of the Blue
If you take the out of the blue approach you can make a big impact. On the other hand you can run the risk of launching on a day when there's lots of other news, either music app related or anything else that can dilute the impact of your message.

Of course, as many mobile music developers are relatively small organisations you can be flexible about your launch plans which can mitigate this, but it is still a risk.

Run up
Having a long run up to your launch can get lots of attention for what you're doing, but the longer you leave it before the app finally becomes available can mean that you run the risk of someone else taking your idea (especially for feature updates) and also of potential users losing interest.

There's no clear answer and both approaches are equally valid. When deciding which way to go you just need to be sure you've thought though what you're  doing and the pro's and con's of both approaches.

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