Monday, 13 September 2010

Marketing using events

I was thinking about the London Music Hack day and that event prompted me to write this post. Event based marketing doesn't need to be difficult. It can be as easy as associating your app with an event using it's twitter hashtag.

That's what one developer (at least the one I'm aware did this) did for their app and London Music Hack day. They made their app free for the duration of the event and used the event's hastag to tweet about it. Simple.

Of course, hack day events only appeal to a relatively small number of people, but even so it can get your application some attention. You don't need to limit yourself to events you are part of, but can associate your marketing activity with any kind of event, like a trade show or a public holiday. The link between your application and the event can be almost anything. For example, if you had an app that could be used for education in some way, you could use the start of the Autumn term as a back to school promotion.

Linking to trade shows is also worth considering, again with the use of hashtags on twitter. You might also want to time the release of new features or content (i.e. Sample packs) to a trade event.

To try and help out with this I've put a marketing events calendar on the side of the blog. I'm going to try and populate it with as many music related events as possible, but if there's any you think should be in there please let me know.

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