Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blogger Stats

Yesterday Blogger moved their new stats feature out of blogger in draft and into 'regular' blogger which is great news for anyone using google's blogging platform.

Having spent a little while using this feature I can say that it is a good addition to blogger whilst not being the complete analytics solution that Google Analytics is. However, it does give you a lot of very useful data, but making it useful is something that takes some work to convert the data from interesting to valuable.

Understanding your traffic and how it changes over time isn't an easy. The first thing to look at is which post get most traffic to try and understand what attracts readers. Sometimes it isn't easy to adjust your content to take advantage of these kinds of insights, but it is worth giving some thought to.

Looking at referring sites in the same context is also useful, especially seeing what sites referred and taking into account which posts were most popular to find a correlation and make use of it in the future.

Aanlytics is a huge field, but blogger have included some simple tools that can give you a good start in helping you to make your blog more audience aware. Let's hope that they build on it.

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