Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How many twitter accounts should you have?

It might sound odd, but it can be quite important to draw the line between personal and business related twitter activity. Your app could be doing really well and users could be following you on twitter in their droves, so do they want to listen to lots of personal stuff on your twitter feed?

I guess some will, but the reason they followed was your app and nothing more. So it might be time to think about having more than 1 account on twitter.

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about dividing up your tweeting:
  • Do you use twitter for contact with friends and family?
  • Do you have more than one app or product / service?
  • Are there generic issues you want to talk about regarding your business that aren't specific to your app(s)
If you're using twitter for both personal and app / business related reasons then consider creating a new account for your app / business. As I said above, most users will want to follow your tweets about the app rather than personal stuff.

If you have more than one app available (irrespective of platform) then consider a twitter account for each app / product. This way information about the product can stay clear and focused. This is especially important if your apps are in different categories and cater to very different user groups.

You might want to consider a separate account for your business as a whole if there are issues you want to tweet about that are separate from your apps / products, but only consider this if you really need to.

For most mobile music app developers I would imagine that 1 account per app is fine. It is important to keep lines clear and to make twitter work for you.

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