Saturday, 17 July 2010

How do you evaluate your ideas?

So you're a good developer (sorry, a great developer) and you can make some awesome audio and music apps for a platform of your choice. But what kind of apps should you be developing?

Deciding what kind of app to devote your attention to is a big decision and one you want to get right. Apple's app store is a crowded place, and whilst the music category isn't too bad it can still be difficult to get noticed.

So making the right decision about what kind of app to develop is critical. Here are some important questions you should be asking yourself:
  1. What are users after at the moment and where are the trends going? That in itself is a tough question, but one way to see what people are asking for is to check the comments feed at Palm Sounds as users are very vocal about what the want and what they think is missing from an application.
  2. What kinds of apps seem to have been popular with users?
  3. What are the features that really get users attention?
These might seem like obvious questions, but all too often great apps get developed that users aren't interested in, and whilst that might be very satisfying it probably won't make too much money.

If you're going to develop a completely unique app then you need to be sure that the features and functionality in your app are really what users want.
If you're going to make a app which already exists, like a new synth app then how will yours differentiate itself. What will make it stand out in the app store? Will it be range of features or quality?

You need to be really clear about what will make users want to buy your app over others.

Being brutal about your ideas isn't easy, but unless you're developing apps just for fun then you need to be very critical and focus on the ideas that will really fly.
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