Tuesday, 20 July 2010

50 Blogging Lessons!

Ok, this is a huge article with lots (well 50 to be precise) lessons on blogging. I'm not sure they're all useful for blogs related to a specific business rather then blogs on an industry, but even so, it is worth a read if you're considering starting a blog or wondering where to take yours next. Here's a few but by no means all the highlights:
  • Allow an absolute minimum of one year solid commitment (posting 3-5x weekly, or even daily) before you start to see compelling results.  Be mindful of the fact it may take longer.
  • Embrace being imperfect.  Trust me, you’re going to have things like typos and sentences which aren’t grammatically perfect.  Make peace with this soon and you’ll have a lot more fun.
  • Answer the “so what?” question with every post.  If you have no reason for being, don’t write it.
  • Realize there are no formalized rules or best practices – just start and find what works for you.
  • Take the viewpoint that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Never worry about what others will think.
To be fair, there's lots more in there that will be of use to you, and as I said, it is a long article with lots of links, so maybe take it one bite at a time.

I hope that you find this useful. If you have suggestions for future articles or if there's anything in the article you want to discuss further then please email me at ashley@mobilemusicappmarketing.com.

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