Thursday, 25 February 2010

10 Things to do with Twitter

There's lots of things you can do with twitter and there are even more blog posts around that will give you valuable tips and information on what you should and shouldn't do on twitter. So I thought I'd write something that was a bit more focused around marketing for mobile music applications. Here's my list:
  1. First off, if you're not on twitter, then get on it. Set up an account and make sure your account name and bio easily describe your brand or your app(s).
  2. Start searching for people who are interested in mobile music making applications. This is easy as you can start with Palm Sounds. Search for your app name as there are probably people already talking about it. Follow people who are talking about your app and other music making apps, it'll start to give you an idea of who is interested and what kind of direction the market is going in.
  3. Try out some more advanced twitter tools like TweetDeck, and Hootsuite. Both of these are good for searching and also have mobile clients.
  4. Use twitter to respond to what people are saying about your software. Respond to comments and suggestions. Retweet what users are saying about your apps and about music making in general
  5. Add value to what you do on twitter by offering promo codes to people who send you a direct message
  6. Use twitter to show people what's coming up with screen shots and links to feature previews or sound clips of how new features or apps can be used
  7. Get feedback from users. Ask questions about how and where they use your app and then reuse the information in a blog post or featured user section
  8. Float ideas on what you might do next or new features to add to existing apps. Make the user part of the process
  9. Consider adding twitter into your app itself so that users can twitter what they've made with the app
  10. Measure. After all, you probably want to make some money from your app, so measure how twitter works for you. Twitter clients like Hootsuite offer stats on links followed and allows you to integrate google analytics into your links. Make sure that twitter is actually working for you.
I think it is fair to say that twitter is going to be around for a while now, and it can be an excellent way to communicate with your users and people who might be interested in what you are doing.

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  1. Great post !

    I already do about half of the points that you mention. Will try to increase the ratio ^^.

  2. Good advice, twitter's a bit of a minefield, I don't think anybody has worked it out 100% yet. All I know is you need a few followers to get anywhere in the first place! Retweets = key!

  3. Not sure if any of you guys know, but there is a new mobile music app set to hit the market, in the form of 'Mobile Backstage', which is an individually branded social application for bands and artists to interact directly with their fans. Have a look here, and get involved –


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